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Unlike other snails the Ramshorn snail has a complex reproductive system that is quiet interesting. These snails are hermaphrodites. This means that both sexes are present in them and as such they can fertilize and also be fertilized as well. Though they are hermaphroditic in nature they still have to undergo the copulation process to reproduce. They have an organ which is called ovotestis that produces both the sperm and egg cells in them. The ovotestis is located at the visceral hump. The eggs and sperm cells are both passed through the hermaphroditic duct. When they get there they then separate and travel down different routes to their individual destinations. The eggs are laid in clusters while the sperms are laid somewhere else. .

Columbian Ramshorns

It usually takes about 2 weeks for the eggs to hatch once they are laid (depending on temperature). Shortly after, the young will disappear into rocks and gravel, but not to worry, they will pop back out when they are a little older.

Ramshorns snails have both the male and the female organs.Even though they are hermaphroditic, they would still need 2 to start breeding.

These snails will contain their own population depending on space and food available. The more food and space, the more they they will breed. However, thier digestive system is quite unevolved and inefficient.

As a result most of what they eat passes right through.  This is one of the reasons for the symbiotic relationship with the Microworms. Overfeeding your snails will cause mass breeding and you'll also get (harmless) worms in your tank.